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Experts in consulting of small and medium sized logistic companies around the globe. Companystrategie and –leadership // Managementstructure and -set up // Business development // Sales and procurement strategies

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Consulting service

The company's strategy is defined as all the regulations, measures and activities of a company that have a significant long-term impact on the chances of success. Strategy is the creation of conditions in the present to ensure the achievement of the highest corporate goals in the future. The strategy of a company thus describes a systematic way to the company's success.
Corporate management describes the management of companies. A distinction is made between the institutional view ("Who leads?"), The functional view ("What is guided by?") and the process-oriented view ("How it is executed?"). These include the goal-oriented combination of resources, personnel management and responsibility towards third parties. Business functions such as production, sales, investment and financing are coordinated and managed by the company management. This traditionally involves the instruments of planning, organization and control.
The strategy says what you want to achieve and why, the company management takes the measures in the wider and narrower sense to achieve the set strategy goals. Crucial here is a control function, since strategies can be formulated quickly. But for most companies, we see a lack of KPI analysis and, if necessary, correction.
This is a core competence of Nexus Logistic Limited.


Experienced in practice and theory

Our consultants have many years of practical experience working in top management positions of well-known international stock-listed companies. In addition there is the theoretical knowledge, by MBA in business administration as well as various advanced training in technical as well as industrial-psychological aspects.
Theoretically sound technical know-how and empathy with the possibilities and needs of the respective company lead to practice-oriented, implementable strategy concepts, which are supported by all involved. The strategy development process is very important here - it is important to appropriately integrate all key employees and employee groups as well as all hierarchy levels and all functions of the company, as this is the only way to gain acceptance for the jointly developed path.
We suggest training or specific training that we design ourselves or through a third party. Often it is about cutting off "old braids". We encourage this, and often the management knows quite well which problems exist. But a simple solution approach is not always easy and the success of an outsider may be better, whether for purely time reasons, the right communication by "encrusted structures" or "operational blindness".
Another of our strengths is the definition and execution of sales and purchasing strategies, which we offer as a module to, or solely to, our core services.


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